Everybody contains a story. What's yours?

Not frequently asked questions is an exploration about questions that we rarely don’t ask - or don’t dare to ask. In an intimate setting questions are asked to reveal the unspoken.

The installation is inspired on the form of a confessional. Without any reference to church or sin, this place is set up in the public space for two people to enter and answer a not frequently asked question.

Concept and performance: Liesbet Hermans

With the support of the flemish Government



1 - 16 february / Cafe Labath, Ghent 

23 - 26 april  / CC Warande, Turnhout



20 - 23 Mei 2019 / Schouwburg, Kortrijk 

28 - 29 September 2019 / SNS festival, Ghent

25 Maart 2017 / Dag van de filosofie, Ghent

29 Oktober 2017 / Dag van de stilte, Ghent

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