Performance : Michel Yang
Photo credits : Franky Verdickt
Performance : Emilie de Vlam
Photo credits: Bart Gabriel
Performance : Lize Pede
Photo credits : Bart Gabriel
Performance: Sibran Sampers
Photo credits: Franky Verdickt
Performance: studio moscou
Photo credits: Bart Gabriel
Performance: Annemie Pierlé
Photo credits: Franky Verdickt
Performance: Michel Yang
Photo credits: Franky Verdickt

MUTE is not really a festival.
There are no program notes, no schedule, no signposts. It is performed in silence. Off-line.

MUTE is an intuitive workspace in the middle of a volatile society. It is a space that invites bodies to present, reflect and contemplate. The wordless body, no masks. Pure and raw.
How can we speak without words?

MUTE is silent before and after the performance, to allow for artistic opinions to fade out, and another kind of connectivity to appear.

The boundaries between artists and spectators start to disappear, creating attention for the everyday.

MUTE can fail.

MUTE grows and exists in the moment. No edition is the same. Each develops its own identity, traveling through time.

MUTE is not interested in reproducing works but looks for ways to undo both the performance and the artist, and make them reappear in a new context, a specific location.

MUTE wants to engage you in an encounter with the location and the other bodies in space.

Silence is the only thing connecting us.
Or is it?

Concept and idea: Liesbet Hermans

Production: Lut De Naeyer /2018

            Carine De Wilde /2016

Dramaturgy/coach: Elke van Campenhout

Edition I:  Autumn 2016

Edition II: Autumn 2018

Edition III: Autumn 2021



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