How can we speak without words?

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Everybody contains a story. What's yours?

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(Cutting hair)

Silent act 1 is the first of a series

of everyday practices in silence.

Your hair is cut by a hairdresser without words. No suggestions available.

With the support of studio Letterlik, Ghent



How can bodies determine spaces?

How do they become part of a specific place? How is the relation between the collective and the individual?

Living scenography is a research on bodies

in relation to environment. How can they play/hide and create together in a constant instant composition?

Performed at mute festival 2018, Ghent



30 minutes of smiling

Video performance

When do we smile and for how long?

How does it unfold on your skin?

Does it make you happy?

30' of smiling is a videoperformance of a 30 minutes long smile. It researches the authenticity of the smile as a natural gesture exposed in a larger time frame.

[Note} At least when you do it. Do it real.



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