Do you think big?

Only borders can exist in minds

[ thought one ]

I exist because my mother exists, my mother exists because she eats potatoes

[ thought  four ]

Please ask yourself questions

[ thought  six ]

Being  lost  is an illusion. We are all

[ thought  two ]

When you surrender to not knowing

reality starts. Letting go of the story.

The past. The future. It's all about moving

[ thought  three ]

Yes, I believe it's all about moving.

We are constantly moving. Busy.

Because of not finding

  [yet] everlasting happiness.

[ thought  five ]

An artist is never good or bad

An artist should think deeply when he or she starts calling him\herself an artist

An artist should know himself very much

An artist can have any form of status, gender, age or colour

An artist is completely independant

An artist should be able to connect and be truly connected through art

An artist can have a lot of children

An artist is a change maker and therefor ready to receive many critics and a lot of money

An artist gives meaning to the moment, times and universe he or she is living in

[ Artist Manifesto ]