Liesbet Hermans was born in Hasselt (BE) in 1981 and gratuated initially as a Master in productdesign. As a designer, she was always fascinated by a form versus its content and in her designwork she was mostly devoted to the prototypical of a product.


With her thesis the impact of human body language on design, she fused design and body for the first time and got more interested in bodywork in different contexts.


She studied physical theater and dance in Madrid for two years and by further studies and workshops in i.a. contemporary dance, performance, clowning, and butoh, she developed a varied style of performances and was teaching several years in visual arts and corporal expression.


In her travels she explored different approaches to the complex relationship between body and mind, especially in the field of buddhism. Currently she is based in Ghent (BE). Her practice includes research, performing, directing and teaching.